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Latest Football Rumours and News on Transfers (January)

The transfer window for 2022 is about to end on January 31st, giving clubs gunning for the World Cup less than a week to bag their new additions to their teams. Many have already signed deals, and some are still in their inception. But a lot could happen in these last few days heading towards the end of the transfer window. In this article, we’ll be running you through the latest transfer and rumours, both confirmed and unconfirmed, so you can get a good grasp of your favourite teams’ composition for the upcoming season. 

Updates and News on the Latest Transfer and Rumours

A lot has been happening in the world of football; news and football rumours can be a little hard to track and keep up at times. Fortunately, we’ve enumerated all the confirmed transfers from club to club, as well as ongoing transfer gossip circulating in the sports world right now. 

Transfer News

In this section, we’ll be discussing the latest soccer players’ transfer news and updates that have already transpired during the January 2022 transfer window. 

  • Pablo Mari on loan from Arsenal to Udinese
Pablo Mari

Pablo Mari is on loan from Arsenal to Udinese. Mari arrived in Arsenal in 2020, and his standing is far from exceptional, with only 16 appearances in his belt for the season. The transfer on loan marks his rather unstable place in Arsenal.

Udinese, on the other hand, will definitely benefit from this addition to their team, especially since they did not have to spend a large amount for the transfer. Early on, Udinese did not have a great beginning of the season, with 14th place in Serie A (a total of 21 matches played). Whether or not Mari can help turn their place around, we are yet to see.

  • David Neres transfers from Ajax to Shakhtar Donetsk
David Neres

David Neres has transferred from Ajax to Shakhtar Donetsk for €15m. Ajax may have realised Neres’ stay was a little prolonged. For a time, Neres was pegged to be one of the best wingers in Europe due to his exceptional gameplay during the Champions League. However, Ajax’s lineup has rendered him redundant, with Steven Berghuis and Mohamed Daramy already excelling on the flank.

Despite this, the transfer to Shakhtar Donetsk may be a welcome change to Neres as well as to the Ukrainian football club.

  • Jesús Corona transfers from FC Porto to Sevilla
Jesús Corona

Jesús Corona is moving to Sevilla from FC Porto after he declared his intention to not renew his time with the Portuguese football club. Corona is a versatile player with experience as a winger or a defender, and his stay at Porto secured him 31 goals and 69 assists within 286 appearances. His transfer was priced at €3.5m, which was a low number in consideration of his abilities and track record.

  • Chris Wood transfers from Burnley to Newcastle
Chris Wood

Chris Wood’s transfer to Newcastle cost the English club a sum of £25m, as per his release clause from Burnley. With Callum Wilson gone due to his injury, Wood was more than enough to fill in the spot in Newcastle. Burnley has expressed their hesitancy in letting the 30-year-old go since Newcastle is foreseen to be a part of the relegation battle, but for £25m, the move is sure to be locked and secured for Newcastle.

  • Lucas Digne transfers from Everton to Aston Villa
Lucas Digne

With the controversy surrounding Rafael Benitez’s dismissal from Everton, Lucas Digne stirs clear from all the drama and transfers to Aston Villa for a hefty £25m. Digne has had a rather distasteful history with the former Everton boss Benitez, so his departure is salt on the wounds on the damaged public image of Everton right now. Aston Villa, on the other hand, is happy to take in Digne as his arrival secures an improvement on the team’s defence.

  • Philippe Coutinho on loan from Barcelona to Aston Villa

Philippe Coutinho is on loan from Barcelona to Aston Villa, with Coutinho gladly taking the opportunity for a break from Barcelona and for glory in Aston Villa. Coutinho did not have much time on the field with Barcelona, and his financial situation was not ideal, making his move a great improvement for the 29-year-old and a valuable addition to the English club. It is still yet to be seen, however, if Coutinho will earn his stay with Villa, as the football club has the option for him to sign with them for €40m or to simply send him back to Barcelona.

  • Kieran Trippier transfers from Atletico Madrid

Kieran Trippier has moved from Atletico Madrid to Newcastle, strengthening the latter team’s defence. Trippier has established himself as a valuable defender in Atletico, but he has already expressed his plans to transfer back to Newcastle. It is sad for Atletico to have lost Trippier, as well as to have accepted a lower transfer fee, with his initial value of €40m, per his release clause, mitigated to a mere €15m.

  • Ainsley Maitland-Niles on loan from Arsenal to Roma

Ainsley Maitland-Niles is on loan from Arsenal to Roma, where his potential may have more space to reach its peak. Maitland-Niles is known for his versatile gameplay from the flank, defence, or midfield, but the parent club Arsenal has sidelined him and didn’t give him much time on the field. His temporary stay in Rome is not a surprise, and his performance under Jose Mourinho will be a must-see.

  • Brian Brobbey transfers from RB Leipzig to Ajax

Brian Brobbey returns to Ajax on loan after a brief and free transfer to RB Leipzig during the summer. The move to return is seen as a curious one but is ultimately understandable after the time with Germany resulted in rather unimpressive gameplays. His return to Ajax fits just fine after Sebastian Haller moves for the Africa Cup of Nations, but the tentativeness of the loan suggests an unsure welcome for the 19-year-old.

  • Ferran Torres transfers from Manchester City to Barcelona
Ferran Torres

Ferran Torres has stayed with Manchester City for a year after his transfer from Valencia, but now, he is moving from Manchester to Barcelona. The move is a surprise considering that the transfer deal was signed for €55m, practically double the price from what Manchester paid for Torres, and additionally, this move was made with Barcelona in debt for €1.4bn. It is still yet to be ascertained whether or not Torres is worth the money, but as an individual player, he has more than proven himself at 21 years of age.

  • Ricardo Pepi transfers from Dallas to Augsburg
Ricardo Pepi

Ricardo Pepi’s time with Dallas comes to an end as the eighteen-year-old moves from America to the European team for €17.6m. With 31 appearances under Dallas and 13 goals to boast, Pepi has the chance to prove himself under Augsburg’s, which has been quite the revelation as there have been reports that European clubs like Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern, Liverpool, and Wolfsburg were eyeing him for their own. Augsburg’s placing is not as impressive as the aforementioned FCs, so it is quite interesting how Pepi will carry the team in future matches.

Rumours and Transfer Gossips

The following are potential transfers in the Premier leagues, with deals yet to be signed and clubs eyeing their coveted additions to their teams.

  • Pape Abou Cisse
Pape Abou Cisse

Senegalese player Pape Abou Cisse’s performance in the Africa Cup of Nations is rumoured to have caught the attention of Premier League clubs such as Liverpool, Arsenal, Leicester, and Everton. Newcastle United has also expressed their interest in the 26-year-old and has officially expressed their intent to land Cisse for themselves. 

  • James Tarkowski
James Tarkowski

With the defender’s contract ending in the summer and with no new deal in sight, James Tarkowski is up for grabs between Aston Villa and West Ham United. The latter club is still searching for a defender, with rumours that they are considering more players than Tarkowski.

  • Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe

Roma’s Jose Mourinho has expressed their intent to bag Luiz Felipe from Lazio. Felipe’s contract expires at the end of the season, so the future is open to whichever team sends him the best deal there is. Felipe has played as a centre-back in Serie A, and his addition to Roma will bolster the team’s defence.

  • Julian Alvarez
Julian Alvarez

There has been news from Nicolo Schira that Alvarez has agreed to a contract for a transfer from River Plate to Manchester City. According to Schira, the price for the transfer is at $21m, but the transfer clause of Alvarez based on his contract is $25m. 

  • Adama Traore
Adama Traore

Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur’s manager Antonio Conte has expressed his intention to sign winger Adama Traore from the Wolverhampton Wanderers. The transfer price valued by the Wolverhampton Wanderers is at £22.75m.

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