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International Transfer News, Updates, and Rumours

As we’re inching closer to the summer season, international football clubs in Europe have already begun forming their ideal teams and scoping possible recruits for their upcoming games. Fortunately, you’ll be able to read up on which teams your favourites are leaning on and who are set to stay on loan, transfer, or even retire.

Here in, we regularly post international transfer news, updates, and rumours to keep our readers knowledgeable about all the moves happening in the football world today. Read on to know more about today’s reports.

International Transfer News

Dean Henderson’s Transfer to Newcastle Blocked by Martin Dúbravka’s Rejection

Martin Dúbravka from Newcastle rejected Manchester United’s offer to move him on loan. The deadline day offer was an exchange between the two football clubs where Newcastle could have had Dean Henderson, and Man United would have welcomed a backup goalkeeper through Dúbravka. 

Manchester United currently has David de Gea as their goalkeeper, and in the negotiations, Newcastle kept in consideration Man United’s need for a backup goalkeeper in their want for Henderson. 

The rejection from Dúbravka was motivated by his refusal to become David de Gea’s second. The same reason motivated Henderson’s transfer, as being second to de Gea essentially lessened his chances to play. Talks with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralf Rangnick led to the deal with Newcastle, which ultimately fell through upon Dúbravka’s rejection.

Gareth Bale Returns to Tottenham

Gareth Bale Returns to Tottenham

Gareth Bale is said to return to Tottenham in the summer transfer window upon the end of his contract with Real Madrid. He has spent most of the 2020-2021 season on loan to Tottenham but has been with Real Madrid since 2013. The return to Tottenham is reported to have been agreed upon three months ago, and that Bale’s agreement with Tottenham would be the last contract of his career.

Bale is considered as one of the best players in the world, with 55 goals in 203 appearances under Tottenham, and his stay in Los Blancos for five seasons resulted in his inclusion to the Champions League-winning squads.

Tottenham Will Sign Cristian Romero Permanently

Tottenham Will Sign Cristian Romero

Tottenham coach Antonio Conte will buy their loanee Cristian Romera from Atalanta at the end of the season. Romero has been on loan with Tottenham for the majority of the season, and through this time, he has convinced Conte that he is perfect for the Premier League. The contract is foreseen to be a five-year deal for the summer transfer window.

Conte explains his plans to keep Romero permanently with Tottenham, stating that the Argentine centre-back will be a great addition to their Premier League season despite his three-month absence due to his hamstring injury. His absence cost the team’s defence dearly, but his return marked Tottenham’s FA Cup win against Brighton.

Manchester United Trades Andreas Pereira to Flamengo

Midfielder Andreas Pereira is set for a permanent transfer to Flamengo this week for an £8.8million transfer fee from Manchester United. Pereira has been on loan to Flamengo this season, and during his stay in the Brazilian club, he has had a rather successful run with five goals in 25 appearances, establishing himself as a club favourite. His eight-season stay in Manchester United gave him two goals in 75 appearances.

The contract for Pereira’s loan initially had a £17m buyout clause, but the parties agreed on a compromise reducing the price for a 25% share on any amount received should there be a sale of the player in the future.

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