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When Will the Women’s World Cup Draw Come?

When Will the Women's World Cup Draw Come

The Women’s World Cup is fast approaching. Last time the US Women’s Team took the trophy, making it their second time to do so. Now, if they win it again, it will be their third back-to-back championship. But everyone is most excited about the draws. 

If the draws look good for the US, then they’ll win through without a doubt. But if it becomes a challenging one, then all the excitement rises. Another reason why the draws are exciting is because from 24 teams, there will now be 32 this time. Since the Women’s World Cup should gain more traction and more competition.

When Will the Women's World Cup Draw Come

Women’s World Cup draw

The Women’s World Cup will start on October 22, 2022. Then it will continue in 2023 on July 20. The group stages will be on August 3. Then the quarter finals will be on August 11 and 12. And the semi finals will be on August 15 and 16. The third place play-off will be on August 19. Then the finals will be on the 20th. 

It will take place in Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand. So far, there are 29 teams who will join. But as mentioned that there should be 32 now, the remaining three team slots are open.

In an interesting turn of events, the draw is still not out. But we can expect it to be out next week or by the end of this week. 

Looking forward to an amazing event

The Women’s World Cup is a prestigious event for women in the sport. It promotes inclusivity and FIFA is doing its best to reach better horizons. As we look forward to it and place our bets on it, may the best one win!
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