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What is the FIFA Confederations Cup?

If you didn’t know, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has another football competition happening the summer before its most prestigious event, the World Cup’s yea–the Confederations Cup. There are many queries about this tournament, not because it’s looking like a teaser to the World Cup, but rather it’s a smaller competition that doesn’t accept everyone. 

You can say that if it only takes the best players, then it does look like a teaser. But there are more things you should know about the said competition. For one, the cup gathers all the six winners of the continental competitions in the world to battle it out against each other. But there’s more. The competition gets the tournament hosts from the continental competitions along with the World Cup winners to also play it off against the teams. Now that’s expected to make so many fans cheer for their team fighting against the best of the best.

The competition usually takes place in the host country for the upcoming World Cup, like Russia when it’s said that they will host the venue for the World Cup before. With that, there’s less spending from what random country could’ve been chosen, along with more planning stages for the World Cup committees.

Last year, the teams who plates in the cup were Russia, Germany, Australia, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Cameroon, and Portugal. The tournament takes place by dividing the teams into two: Group A and Group B before they take on their matches. The usual winners come from Europe and South America, and conversely, leave out Australia and New Zealand.

Confederations Cup vs. World Cup

Of course, there are some differences between the two. The former (CC), is one that takes the best teams in each continent, while the WC usually has a set of qualifying rounds for them to play in. The CC doesn’t have those rounds because they are not supposed to take too long anyway. The Confederation Cup football focuses on two things: getting the players from the best teams to fight for the cup, and preparing everything for the World Cup, making sure no problem occurs when it takes place.

If you want to watch only one, then it’s okay. Your enthusiasm would be one that won’t go away if you don’t attend it. Besides, not many people know about it. But on the flip side, knowing about it would help you a lot in terms of understanding more the things FIFA does for the more major competition–the World Cup. So, even if the CC doesn’t get much spotlight, you can watch it for free on television anyway and if you want to tune in to how the worlds might look like.

Why the Confederation Cup is lesser-known

More than the question of what is the Confederations Cup, there’s also the question at the back of your mind of why you only knew this now, or why it’s not as popular as the World Cup or any other major sports league given that it’s also from FIFA. Though people watch it, they would not really go and travel to the venue and stick to their televisions instead. Moreover, though the said cup would have some of the best players in the world to win it against each other, the win in this competition is not that much of a big matter.

It serves as a miniature World Cup, and as mentioned, is a way for the organizers to try all the infrastructures there are in the arena, making sure nothing will be a problem when the World Cup finally takes place.

But on rivalry and squads, the competition faces many problems with the players because they don’t usually go, which is why it instead loses out on the star players and those who are on the benches can go to the field. Lastly, the rivalries also pose a problem because they’re only divided into groups, with no regard to history and fair abilities.


Compared to the FIFA World Cup, the Confederations is not one that compares well. There are a variety of ways that the latter cup is one that doesn’t take much into account the things that major sports leagues would take. Players don’t feel as incentivized to play because, for the most part, the competition serves as a free trial only for the former. And this trickles down to the level of interest that the audience has for the cup, which is very low.

If the Confederations wants to make way for themselves, FIFA should instead make it a point to make sure that it delineates well, such as with the timeline, process of choosing the teams, as well as ranking them per match. These things get often get excluded by the tournament, which makes it lesser-known.


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