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Top 6 Sports Websites For Fans and Writers

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It’s a blessing to be able to change where you get your sports news from. Compared to before, people don’t have to have a newspaper to keep up with the latest sports trends. But only because there’s a lot to choose from doesn’t guarantee quality.

In fact, it’s much harder to find the sports websites that suit you. As a fan, you want something consistent and true. And as a writer, you want something sensible. But the similarity both have is wanting credibility. So, we did our part and listed the best sports websites for fans and writers. If you’re ready to dig in, then let’s go!



Coming first is MUFCINFO. It launched its site in 1996, and still runs as a legend among sports websites. It has a deep focus on the history of Manchester United Football Club. In fact, this made MUFCINFO one of the most reliable sources about the team today. 

Another good thing about it is it doesn’t rely on hype alone. It holds  a collection of Man Utd’s statistics. So, if you want to know when Man Utd’s golden years were, then go for it. And it’s not only by team, but also by player. There’s over 5,000+ games covered by MUFCINFO.

Go to MUFCINFO if you’re intrigued by Manchester United. You’ll never run out of things to find.



Next in line is Futbox. It has a different take on football for websites. Since 2013, it’s been giving readers the full stories about clubs. And readers get the chance to work with the research and development project by going to the site.

Futbox is a portal to a football archive. It comes from the Football Graphic Research Center. So, it features different illustrations in the sport from over 30 years of research. And as it continues to expand, Futbox records what we witness today for the future.

There are also accounts from the World Cup since 1930. And if you knew Brazil for its football passion before, they have it here. So, if you like football history as your cup of tea, the Futbox Portal is your best bet!


Goal Ball

Older doesn’t always mean better. And we mean that when we say Goal Ball brings the best football news to the table. It started only last year in 2021. But if we’re talking about fixtures and live scores, we would recommend it. 

What makes it unique? For one, not all sites have reporters around the world. This makes Goal Ball different because they have 24 hours of coverage. And that’s in all football leagues out there. But also, there are sports-betting experts on their team. So, if you like knowing the best odds, Goal Ball is for you.

If you like catching up on football news and betting on the side, Goal Ball is a package! 



Now, we have a different website to offer. It’s not only about the latest football news. In fact, it’s an e-commerce store first before a blog. 

MAESTRO is an e-commerce for all things sportswear. It’s available around the world. And it boasts the quality of its products, maximizing performance in the field.

It only launched in 2021 with a blog. As it expands, expect to get more of their quality articles about the sport.



Man of The Match started with a clear goal: to be the repository of the best football memories. Now, MOTM continues to do so. It started in 2020 and has been a growing business and blog since then. 

You can get yourself some football gifts, too! There are prints, mugs, coasters, and more. And they all come from the theme of the sport.

If you want a more personalized experience of football’s greatest moment, get MOTM


Boston Sports Nation

Last on this list is Boston Sports Nation. Like MUFCINFO, BSN brings the best news about all Boston sports teams. Since 2020, it has been aiming to give readers the best Boston Sports fan experience. And it hasn’t failed since then.

It feels good to explore teams from different places, too. And if Boston comes into your mind, Boston Sports News comes first.

We hope you liked this list of the best sports websites there are. Whether you’re a fan or a writer, you’ll find all the credibility and creativity from these sites. Have fun reading! For more of these, check out today.


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