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The Best Teams in the Premier League

The Premier Teams of the Premier League

The Premier League houses few of the best football clubs in the world, and season by season, they rise and fall in the league’s ranks. Some have attained premier status by winning the title; some by consistency in their ability to score goals and maintain competent rankings in the league. But it’s no debate that when it comes to international football, the Premier League lives by its namesake. 

So who is the best football team in the world right now? There are Premier League football fans and enthusiasts everywhere who all seem to have differing opinions about what makes a good football team. Some look at statistics and others look at individual performance, and some even judge players by their popularity with football fans.

One thing that we can all agree upon, though, is that there are three football leagues around the world where you will find the best footballers playing their trade – Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A, and England’s Premier League. The top two leagues in the world, Spain’s La Liga and Germany’s Bundesliga are dominated by two footballing giants – Real Madrid and Barcelona of Spain, Bayern Munich of Germany.

Currently, there is no football league in the world where you can find more than four teams that would be considered realistic challengers to these footballing hegemony – so it seems quite obvious that footballers want to play for one of these top football clubs.

English football fans might argue that their beloved football clubs in the Premier League are the best football club in the world right now. No one can really say for sure; there are hundreds of teams in hundreds of leagues in the world. So let’s narrow down which exactly could stand the test of time and come out with the highest chance of being the best football club–at least in the Premier League.

The Premier Teams of the Premier League

For football fans around the world, this can be a fun exercise to shout until they’re blue in the face about which football team is the best in the Premier League and whether their favourite football club or another football club is actually better. It’s probably not going to change what football clubs footballers want to play for, but it does make for an interesting debate. Here are our top three bets:

Manchester United

Manchester United (also known as Man Utd) is an English professional football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester. Founded as Newton Heath LYR F.C. in 1878, the team changed its name to Manchester United in 1902 and later in 1910, they moved to Old Trafford. As of November 2016, they are ranked first in the Premier League table, winning their fifth title at home against Bournemouth by 2-1 with goals from Zlatan Ibrahimović and Juan Mata, respectively. This has been their 21st Premier League title win since Sir Alex Ferguson took charge back in 1986.

Manchester United has 20 League titles in its record, 12 F.A. cups, five League Cups, and finally 21 F.A. Community Shields. Since its inception, the Red Devils were able to win the UEFA Champions League thrice. In addition, they’ve also succeeded in winning the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Super Cup, FIFA World Cup, Intercontinental Cup, and the UEFA Winners Cup. In the Premier League, they were the first ever to achieve the European treble in the F.A. Cup as well as in the UEFA Champions League. Manchester United’s former captain Wayne Rooney is one of ten players to score 200 goals or more in his career; only Shearer, Cole, Henry, and Van Nistelrooy have scored more goals than him.

Evidently, the list of achievements alone would qualify Manchester United as part of the running as the best team in the Premier League.


Chelsea F.C. has in recent years become one of the best Premier League football clubs in history. Chelsea won their fourth Premier League trophy, third Premier League trophy in six seasons, and second consecutive Premier League title, which solidifies their greatness when it comes to Premier Leagues. They are only the sixth football club to win back-to-back Premier League titles, one of those Premier League football clubs was Manchester United. 

Chelsea F.C.’s success has brought the club great players such as Eden Hazard, Willian, Juan Mata, amongst others who are some of the best players who have ever played for Premier League football clubs. In addition, football legends have played for them throughout the years, such as Petr Cech, John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Didier Drogba.

Managers such as José Mourinho (one of the best Premier League football managers in history), Carlo Ancelotti, Rafael Benítez, André Villas-Boas, Roberto Di Matteo, amongst others, have led them to victory throughout their careers.

Chelsea is one of the most successful clubs in history with six Premier League titles to their name, eight F.A. Cups, five League Cups, two UEFA Champions League titles, and two UEFA Europa League titles. Chelsea F.C. is a great club with a lot of greatness throughout their team, which makes them one of the best Premier League football clubs in history.


Of all English Premier League football clubs, nobody has won the Premier League more than Arsenal. This contributes to making them one of the best and in the running for the title of the best Premier League football club.

During their entire Premier League history, they have not been relegated or have only been relegated once. Their success is also good when compared with many other clubs that are much younger than them because they were founded before most Premier League football clubs started in 1992 (Arsenal Football Club was founded in 1886). Of the Premier League teams that are older than them, only Manchester United and Chelsea can match or beat their amount of titles.

Arsenal also has a strong continental history, winning both the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and UEFA Super Cup in 1993-1994 after beating Parma 1-0.

Arsenal is one of only three teams that have won all four major trophies available to win in Britain, having won the F.A. cup fourteen times, the league cup twice, and also winning The Community Shield 16 times. 

After being formed in 1886 by workers at the Royal Arsenal football club, they joined the football league Division 2 and soon became a football league Division 1 team after winning their division. Despite starting off as a football club based within London, they eventually moved north and therefore were one of only seven southern football clubs ever to win at Huddersfield Town, which was considered ‘north.’ After not competing for 13 seasons between 1915 and 1927, Arsenal returned to Premier League football where they have been dominating teams ever since. They won their first F.A. cup final against Liverpool 1-0. In 2014-2015, they won the football league cup final against Aston Villa 4-0. Unfortunately, they were not able to win anything during the 2009-2010 season.

With this said, it is not only their amount of titles that makes Arsenal good but also how good they tend to be when playing at home. They have pretty good Premier League home statistics too, with their highest win coming at home (13–0 against Everton) and their longest Premier League undefeated streak also being held at home (86 games between 22 May 2003 and 25 November 2008. This is an English Premier League record which was later beaten by Manchester United). Arsenal is probably one of the best Premier League football clubs. In general, they are consistent contenders for Premier League titles. This contributes to making them one of the best Premier League football clubs ever.

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