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Russia Appeals FIFA and UEFA Bans

Russia Appeals FIFA and UEFA Bans

The Russian football federation has appealed the ban imposed upon their clubs and national teams, hoping for the ban to be “frozen” and overturned. The appeal came after FIFA and UEFA banned the Russian teams from participating in FIFA and UEFA competitions due to the aggression presented by the country against Ukraine. The Russian ban was announced on 28 February, which was set to last “until further notice” in solidarity with those affected by the invasion of Ukraine.

FIFA and UEFA Ban Russian Teams

The highest court in sports arbitration, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), plans to decide on the matter in the next coming days. 

The men’s national team of Russia was set to play against Poland later this month on 24 March, but Poland refused to play against Russia. The game was a World Cup qualifying playoff, and the winner of the match would have had to play against the winner of Sweden and the Czech Republic match scheduled for 29 March at Qatar. The mentioned countries have also declared their intent to disregard matches against Russians.

Other repercussions brought about by President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine include the suspension of ties with investors and sponsors from Russia. Due to the ban, Russia’s men’s team can no longer participate in the World Cup in Qatar this year, and the Champions League finals to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, have been moved to Paris.

FIFA and UEFA Ban Russian Teams
The Russian football federation has appealed the ban imposed upon their clubs and national teams, hoping for the ban to be “frozen” and overturned.

The women’s Euros is four months away at this time, and the ban may cover their matches should the war continue to persist until then.

The initial statement issued by FIFA was a simple ban of Russian teams from playing in their home country, but the ban was later announced after the FIFA Council and UEFA Executive Committee decided on the matter. 

The delay was due to a perceived double standard by some members of the football confederations, considering that there was no ban instituted against the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Poland, and those involved in the “coalition of the willing” during the 2003 invasion in Iraq. Saudi Arabia also warrants a mention of the 2015 bombing in Yemen. 

The confederations garnered public support from other soccer associations of the ban in order to fully implement the ban, and these associations include Poland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. In addition to the declaration of the International Olympic Committee’s request for a ban, FIFA finally implemented the full ban against Russia.

It is important to note, however, that the ban covers Russian institutions representing their country in the FIFA and the UEFA competitions, and not individual Russian athletes who are playing other countries’ teams.

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