Friday Jan 27, 2023

NorthEast United Ends ISL Season With a Stalemate

NorthEast United ended their Indian Super League season with a rather disappointing 1-1 draw against SC East Bengal on Monday. Played at the Tilak Maidan Stadium in Vasco, both teams managed to skip another loss on their records as they settled on a stalemate at the bottom of the ISL rankings. Marco Sahanek scored for NorthEast United, and Antonio Perosevic levelled the game with the help of a penalty.
NorthEast United sits at a far tenth spot and has 14 points to show for from the whole season, while East Bengal is at the lowest 11th with 11 points. Qualifying into the ISL semi-finals is no longer a possibility at this point for both teams.

NorthEast United and SC East Bengal Stays Out of the ISL Playoffs

The game began with East Bengal going all in for an opportunity to score, but no follow-through was successful enough to go against NorthEast’s defence. Lalrinliana Hnamte made an attempt that was expertly deflected by the NorthEast keeper Mirshad Michu. Antonio Perosevic also made his attempt for the lead with a strong volley but to no avail.

NorthEast managed to take the lead during the extended time before half-time. Marco Sahanek took advantage of a rebound from Deshorn Brown’s attempt, and Sahanek’s left-foot shot sent the ball safely into the goal’s net. 

NorthEast United defeats SC East Bengal

During the second half, NorthEast United defender Patrick Flottmann pushed Fran Sota, leading to the penalty that gave East Bengal’s equaliser. Antonio Perosevic secured the shot with a feint that sent Michu the other way and was unable to save.

Marcelinho was called in to play for NorthEast to help take the lead again after Perosevic’s goal. He assisted V.P Suhair, and they almost managed to retake the lead, but Sankar Roy sent the volley away with ease. No more notable attempts could have turned the tables for either team and even with the four minutes added, no team managed to remove the deadlock. The match ended with a 1-1 draw.

Despite the disappointing results of the game, a win from either side would not have changed the fates for both teams this season. NorthEast United has ended their run this season, and SC East Bengal will follow suit with their last game against Bengaluru on 5 March 2022.

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