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Most Expensive Soccer Transfers During the January 2022 Transfer Window

Most Expensive Soccer Transfers

The January transfer window has closed, and we’ve got football clubs across Europe with shiny new players in their teams, ready to advance their goals and win their games. But as everyone knows, none of these players transferred for free, and their value as players may reflect on how much these football clubs paid for them to be part of their roster. In this article, we thought it might be interesting to run down the most expensive players and the clubs that were more than willing to spend for them.

The transfer period for 2022 started on 1st January and ended on the 31st, and from that period, football clubs traded players in order to amp up their team’s performance in their respective games for this season. This way, sports enthusiasts and spectators are always kept on our toes as we never know how one new player is going to affect our favourite team’s dynamics. And if we’ve got some favourite players out there, seeing them in this list might be the validation we need to know that we’re betting on the right guy. Here are the most expensive soccer transfers for the January 2022 transfer window.

Denis Zakaria transferred from Mönchengladbach to Juventus for £4m

Juventus bagged midfielder Denis Zakaria on the final day of the transfer window for the estimated amount of €4.5 million and another €4.1 million as add-ons. Zakaria is 25- years old and played with Borussia Mönchengladbach before transferring to Juventus. The transfer is deemed one of the best deals Juventus could make for the January transfer window. Zakaria is known for his skill in defence, and sports experts see his playstyle to be complementary to Juventus’ Manuel Locatelli, allowing the Italian to play an advanced role in the midfield.

Arthur Cabral transfers from Basel to Fiorentina for £12m

Dusan Vlahovic left a hole that desperately needs to be filled by Fiorentina, and they’ve done a pretty good job at getting it done with Brazilian striker Arther Cabral. They managed to get him at a reasonable €16m. Cabral has had 31 appearances under Basel, and with that, he has scored 27 times and assisted in eight goals. His most notable performance as a player is during the Swiss Super League. In Switzerland, he has scored 14 times in 18 outings. With Cabral in Fiorentina, it seems the football club has made their profit from Vlahovic’s transfer worth every cent.

Ricardo Pepi transfers from FC Dallas to Augsburg for £15m

Ricardo Pepi is Augsburg’s latest addition and the solution to their Bundesliga relegation game. Pepi is a 19-year-old striker from FC Dallas, completely homegrown in the US, and whom Augsburg paid for a $20 million transfer fee. With his 13 goals during the MLS in 2020 and the scores and assists he managed to make during his stay with the US National Team, he quickly caught the eye of the European leagues.

Julián Álvarez transfers from River Plate to Manchester City for £15m

Julián Álvarez from River Plate was the chosen pick for Manchester United’s need for a striker after Agüero’s departure to Barcelona. For now, though, the transfer will be on loan at least until July 2022. River Plate recognizes Álvarez’s value, as he has had 36 goals in his 96 appearances under River since 2015. Manchester City has been monitoring his progress since, and with this loan finalised, there might be a possibility of a permanent position with Man City should River plate decide to let the 22-year-old go.

Rodrigo Bentancur transfers from Juventus to Tottenham from £16m

Rodrigo Bentancur permanently moved from Juventus to Tottenham for £16m, quite the sum for the excellent Uruguayan midfielder. Bantancur joined Juventus in 2017, and with the club, he managed to bag three consecutive Serie A titles. The 24-year-old midfielder excelled under Juventus by supporting the offensive in a three-man midfield. The result of his performance during the World Cup qualifier against Venezuela will determine our expectations for his gameplay under Tottenham.

Wout Weghorst transfers from Wolfsburg to Burnley from £12m

With Chris Wood’s departure from Burnley comes the arrival of Wout Weghorst. The Dutch striker came with a £12m transfer fee, which was quite the amount, considering he has had six goals in 18 Bundesliga appearances in the latest season. For his record, he has scored 59 goals with 118 appearances in the Bundesliga under his belt. For now, Brunel is going to need all the help they could get from Weghorst, considering Chris Wood’s transfer to Newcastle and their low position in the Premier League.

Luis Díaz transfers from Porto to Liverpool for £33m

Luiz Diaz’s transfer from Porto to Liverpool was a result of a swift move on Liverpool’s side. It was well-known that Tottenham had been eyeing the Colombian winger for the January transfer window, and they managed to snatch Diaz before Tottenham could secure him to their team. Liverpool considerably less as the release clause was 80 million euros, and they managed to get him for only £33m, which is considerably less than what Porto originally wanted. Diaz debuted internationally in 2018 for Colombia.

Bruno Guimarães transfers from Lyon to Newcastle for £33m

Bruno Guimares has left Lyon for Newcastle, with a transfer fee of £33m. With Guimares’ departure, Newcastle has beaten Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain to the punch and managed to secure one of the best defensive midfielders in Europe. Guimares has played under Athletico Paranaense before moving to Lyon in 2020.

Ferran Torres transfers from Manchester City to Barcelona for £46m

Barcelona welcomed Ferran Torres back from Manchester United, where the forward excelled, managing to score in almost every tournament he appeared in. The 21-year-old was taken as a replacement for Sergio Agüero and had been eyeing a move back to Barcelona since last year. The Spanish football club was quick to secure the forward with a contract for Torres’ transfer stating a costly £46m for a five-year deal lasting until 2027.

Dusan Vlahovic transfers from Fiorentina to Juventus for £63m

Fiorentina bids farewell to Dusan Vlahovic as he transfers to Juventus for £63m — one of the most expensive transfers during this January transfer window. The Serbian striker played for Juventus as well as the Serbian National Team, and since his debut in 2016, he has managed to bag Serie A Best Young Player in 2020–21 after an impressive score of 21 league goals. In addition to that, he has had direct involvement in the qualification of Serbia in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


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