Friday Jan 27, 2023

Manchester United’s Striker Out Due To Criminal Charges

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Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood is out on suspicion of rape, assault, and threats to kill. He will not be part of training or any matches while the investigation is pending. The imputations were forwarded to Manchester Police by Greenwood’s girlfriend Harriet Robson, who allegedly experienced the assault. She posted on Instagram, which was later spread through Twitter, an audio clip of her resisting a man who was allegedly Greenwood.

Robson’s father has released a statement expressing dismay at the allegations and revealing that the leaks of the audio recording as well as the pictures of bruises circulating in social media have been due to a hack on Harriet Robson’s. Robson purportedly did not intend for it to go public and had hoped to settle the issue as a private affair. The statement, however, drew fire from concerned netizens after Robson’s father seemingly sympathised with Greenfield, putting more weight on their relationship with the striker than the actual abuse received by his daughter. 

Harriet Robson is a 21-year-old British celebrity social media influencer, model, and content creator based in England, who rose to fame due to her relationship with Greenwood. She has been Greenwood’s girlfriend for an indefinite amount of time.

Due to the investigation, which involved allegations of physical and sexual assault, corporate giant Nike has decided to temporarily suspend their relationship with the Manchester United striker after hearing the disturbing allegations for the duration of the situation. 

Additionally, EA has issued a statement removing Greenwood from the FIFA 22 lineup in the simulation gaming. EA followed up with the striker’s suspension from the offline mode, Ultimate Draft, and Fifa Ultimate Team packs. 

For the football club, Manchester United released a statement, suspending Greenwood and announcing that he will not be in training with the team or play any matches “until further notice.” Other than the temporary fix by the team in light of the alleged abuse, Manchester United acknowledged the existence of the photos and other media clips and said that the team does not condone violence from their players.

Greenwood is the youngest goalscorer in the history of Manchester United after scoring a goal against Astana in 2019 at the age of 17. He made his debut for Manchester United in the said game during a UEFA Europa League, and he made his first appearance for England during the UEFA Nations League in September 2020.

For now, it is unknown how this will bode for Manchester United, but it is safe to say that their plans for the season may need some major revision after the suspension of their youngest striker. The transfer window had just closed last 31 January, and already Manchester United is being dubbed as a “melting pot of problems” with a permanent manager still unknown and unappointed and players in the club wanting out of the team.

Eric Bailly, Phil Jones, Dean Henderson, and Jesse Lingard have expressed their intent to leave, but only Anthony Martial and Donny van de Beek were successful in this regard, which will be a major loss on Manchester United’s part should they make their departure permanent.


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