Friday Jan 27, 2023

Kerala Blasters Jumps To Third Rank in ISL

A single goal from the match with SC East Bengal boosted Kerala Blasters FC to the third spot in the Indian Super League rankings. Their win of 0-1 was secured by Bosnian centre-back Enes Sipovic. The match occurred on Monday at Tilak Maidan. East Bengal’s reached its fifth consecutive losses in this ISL season despite their solid defence.

Kerala Blasters Secure Win Against East Bengal

Kerala Blasters had East Bengal on the defensive with their constant barrage from the onset of the game. East Bengal’s backline held their own, preventing any of the members from the other side from going past their box. Alvaro Vazquez had an attempt for the Blasters, but his shot was saved by the East Bengal goalkeeper Sankar Roy. 

East Bengal found their own opportunity to score in the 42nd minute. Antonio Perosevic sent a smooth cross to Rahul Paswan right in the goalmouth of the Blaster’s box. The forward, however, was not successful in sending the ball into the enemy net. With neither the Blasters nor East Bengal securing a goal, they left the first half of the match goalless.

Kerala Blasters Jumps To Third Rank in ISL

The Blasters, however, managed to take the lead four minutes into the second half. Central midfielder Puitea pierced through the enemy’s defences, sending the ball into the East Bengal’s box. Sipovic made his first goal in the ISL with Puitea’s curved cross, gaining them their lead in the game. Other than Sipovic, Jorge Diaz sought to keep their momentum going in the 68th minute but failed to get a goal with Roy’s quick save. 

In search of an equaliser, Antonio Perosevic came close with a powerful volley that almost flew over Prabhsukhan Gill’s radar, but it ultimately did not result in a goal. East Bengal manager Mario Rivera tried to rectify whatever was the problem by substituting some of his players after the water break.

In the end, though, the Kerala Blasters maintained their lead into triumph, even with the additional six minutes due to stoppages. 

The win sent the Kerala Blasters from sixth to third of the ISL rankings, while East Bengal stayed at a low tenth. The Blasters are scheduled for a face-off with the formidable ATK Mohun Bagan on 19 February 2022, and East Bengal is set to play against Mumbai City on the 22nd.

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