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Jamshedpur Wins ISL League Shield

Jamshedpur Wins ISL League Shield

Jamshedpur FC won the League Shield for the first time in Indian Super League history in their match against ATK Mohun Bagan on Monday at the PJN Stadium in Fatorda. Jamshedpur won by a tight 1-0, ending their campaign with 43 points–five points higher from second placer Hyderabad, and bringing ATK Mohun Bagan down to the third spot with 37 points. 

Aside from being first-time League Shield winners, Jamshedpur’s win came with other accomplishments this ISL season: Jamshedpur’s accumulated points of 43 broke the record for being the highest in ISL history, with the last being 40 points attributed to former winners ATK Mohun Bagan, Bengaluru, and Mumbai City. Additionally, their win against ATK Mohun Bagan set a record of seven consecutive wins.

Ritwik Das served the lone goal for Jamshedpur in the game far in the second half, and the team’s defence made sure that there were no equalisers. ATK Mohun Bagan will proceed to the ISL semi-finals.

Indian Super League Topped Off With Jamshedpur Win 

With the winner landing the title of Shield League, the stakes were evident in the performance of both teams. ATK Mohun Bagan seemed in total control for the first 20 minutes. There were missed opportunities, but they managed to make some with an attempt from Subhasish Bose, Joni Kauko, and Tiri. Jamshedpur had a shot brought about by a penalty from Subhasish, who fouled Chukwu. Eli Sabia stepped up for the shot, but it was cleared by ATK. Several fouls gave way to more opportunities, but goals were amiss. Yellow cards were flashed to Jamshedpur in the beginning, but by the second half, they finally found their lead.

Jamshedpur Wins ISL
Jamshedpur Wins ISL

Greg Stewart from Jamshedpur initiated the solitary goal, manoeuvring through ATK Mohun Bagan’s defences. He tried to send the ball home himself, but the attempt was blocked by an ATK shirt, and Ritwik Das came in, who secured the shot for Jamshedpur. After that, they closed in with their defence, and ATK tried their best for an equaliser but to no avail. 

With Jamshedpur’s crown as the Shield League winners, the semi-finals begin this 11 March 2022, and Jamshedpur will play against Kerala Blasters. Hyderabad FC will face ATK Mohun Bagan once again on 12 March.

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