Thursday Mar 30, 2023

Adidas Releases 2022 World Cup Boot Pack

It’s finally here! Adidas announced its new football collection designed for Qatar and the 2022 WC.

And despite the first few leaks, Adidas kept it cool. In fact, the designs of the official ones were different from that of the leaks. Now, the company’s stars wore the 2022 World Cup boot packs as part of their advertisement last weekend. 

We hope you’re ready to see them because we are! Let’s get into it!

Adidas and the Qatar World Cup 2022 

Adidas calls its 2022 World Cup boot pack “Al Rihla”, like the World Cup ball. The collection features a modern look. There are also colorful designs to each of the shoes. And for each color, you have a name. Copa for black, Predator for white, and X for multicolor.

What’s interesting too is the three stripes. We all know how Adidas makes it a point to have these be the trademark of their brand. In fact, they always go on the sides of the shoes. But now, the three stripes are on the top of the boots!

The company also mentioned releasing a special collection that some players will wear. But for now, we can expect the colors to be white, black, and gold.

The value of this boot pack

Yes! There’s a lot of value with the Adidas 2022 World Cup boots. Because they’re different in colors and stripes placement. Some might even call it as rare as this year’s only WC having them. But if Adidas wanted to continue with it, these designs became the pioneers of new designs.

Either way, famous players will wear them and the value of making memorable goals with them is only there.

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