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Indian Super League: The Top Scorers of 22-23

Indian Super League The Top Scorers of 22-23

The Indian Super League is here! It’s that time of the year again where Indian teams and players fight it off for the Golden Boot. And now that this year’s ISL got a lot of sponsorships, the competition is on. But before we dig into the best scorers, let’s look at the competition first.

The Indian Super League is a top-tier football league in India. It brings the best teams by state and has them battle it out for the trophy. And since 2013, 11 teams have been playing at the ISL. Some people refer to the ISL as the nationals of India. But since many imports enter the field here, it’s still debatable.

Of course, scorers play a huge part in every league. Without them, you don’t have a player whose aim is to score a goal. And as always, football is unpredictable, so the best scorers always change. This year won’t be different, either. If you’re ready, then let’s get to the list of the top scorers of the ISL 22-23!

Ivan Kaliuzhnyi – Kerala Blasters

So far, Ukrainian player Ivan has been leading the way! Kerala Blasters loaned him from Oleksandriya to play in the ISL. And we could say it was worth it! In their first battle with East Bengal, they were able to bring a good fight. Ivan has two goals so far, but this could go up over time.

Indian Super League The Top Scorers of 22-23

Adrian Luna – Kerala Blasters

Looks like the Kerala Blasters are taking the top part of this list! Next is Luna, the Uruguayan player from the said team. He’s been with Kerala Blasters for two years now. Bringing the best out of the team, he has one goal at the moment. As he continues to fire some goals, we’ll see if that will take Kerala Blasters to the trophy.

Alan Costa – Bengaluru

Since Costa extended his loan to Bengaluru, he’s playing in the ISL. He’s been a great asset to the team because of his physique and speed. Now, Bengaluru won the recent Durand Cup 2022 thanks a lot to Costa. With one goal, we could see an ISL trophy for Bengaluru in the 9th season.

Alex Lima – East Bengal

Lima has been a staple in East Bengal. He came from Jamshedpur FC and has since played in the Indian Super League. The thing about Lima as well is that he’s not only a scorer. He also spends time being a center back and a midfielder. He has one of the swiftest eyes for the goal, putting him here with one goal. 

Alberto Noguera – Mumbai City 

Noguera moved from Goa FC to Mumbai City FC. Since then, he bagged a lot of awards for assists in the ISL. Now with one goal, he’s also following up on this list as a scorer.

And there you have it! Here’s the list of the current top scorers in the beginning of the ISL 22-23. We’re looking forward to the memorable goals and people who do them throughout. The top scorers could change anytime, and we’ll be here to cover it!
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