Friday Jan 27, 2023

Hyderabad’s Win Streak Ends With ATK Mohun Bagan Loss

ATK Mohun Bagan Defeats Hyderabad

Hyderabad FC suffers a loss against ATK Mohun Bagan FC after three consecutive wins in the Indian Super League. The match ended 2-1 in favour of ATKMB on Tuesday at the Bambolim Athletic Stadium. The win for ATKMB has boosted the club up to fourth place in the ISL ranking and marks their fourth consecutive win since their loss against Jamshedpur FC on 6 December 2021. Also, start your crypto sports betting journey now at J9! J9 is an advanced, worldwide licensed platform offering high-end entertainment.

ATK Mohun Bagan Defeats Hyderabad 

The game began slowly, with the first half of the game ending in a goalless tie when both ATKMB and Hyderabad missed the finishing touch. The scores came in abundance later when ATKMB’s Liston Colaco scored in the 56th minute, followed by Manvir Singh in three minutes and gained the lead. Joel Chianese from Hyderabad managed to pull one back, but ultimately, the Telangana football club failed to score an equaliser with ATKMB’s closing ranks in its defence. 

ATK Mohun Bagan Defeats Hyderabad

The game found its pacing as the game progressed, and by then, it was already clear that ATKMB had the advantage. Hugo Moumous was aggressive in providing chances for his teammates. Hyderabad’s defence was constantly threatened with Liston Colaco and David Williams’s barrage, but Hyderabad’s goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattimani did his best to deflect a couple of strikes from Williams and Colaco. 

Hyderabad seemed to have gained momentum late in the game, with Nikhil Poojary’s almost successful attempt to score, but ATKMB goalkeeper Amrinder Singh was too good and even deterred ISL star Bartholomew Ogbeche. ATKMB’s injuries to defender Carl McHugh and midfield attacker Hugo Boumous—both excellent and reliable in their roles—resulted in replacements, with Kiyan Nassiri and Joni Kauko taking their place. Despite the absence of their stars, however, ATKMB continued to take the lead after the break.

In the 56th minute, Colaco scored with the help of Williams, who set a pinpoint perfect cross that Colaco took advantage of, and it was quickly followed up by Manvir with the help of Joni Kauko. Chianese’s goal in the 67th minute exhibited Hyderabad’s attempt to find a quick equaliser to level the game out. Javier Siviero was brought into the game by Hyderabad coach Manolo Marquez to replace Victor, but with fifteen minutes remaining, the Spanish forward could not lift the team off the slope. ATKMB continued their streak with their iron defence and maintained their lead.

Despite their loss with ATK Mohun Bagan, Hyderabad remains on the top spot of the ISL rankings with 26 points from 15 matches in the lead. Their last game with the winning team last 5 January 2022 ended in a draw, but with this win, ATKMB rose into fourth place and inched in closer to take the leading spot. 

Hyderabad’s next match will be against 2018-19 ISL Champions Bengaluru FC on 11 February 2022, and ATK Mohun Bagan will be up against NorthEast United FC on 12 February 2022.

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