Friday Jan 27, 2023

India’s AIFF Suspended by FIFA

FIFA Suspends India's AIFF

FIFA suspended India’s football association, the All India Football Federation (AIFF). The concern was the latter having “undue influence from third parties.”

How did this happen? It started when India’s Supreme Court put another committee on AIFF. Then FIFA found out. Adding another committee to the independent association is a violation. And for FIFA, this broke one of its statutes. 

Problematic AIFF, problematic soccer

It’s not new that India is lagging in the global soccer community. Moreover, countless reports of corruption in AIFF get reported. The Supreme Court’s action will hurt the association more. 

So, there’s only one way to lift the suspension. And that’s when AIFF removed the committee. So, they’ll have full control of the football association again. 

FIFA suspended India's football association, the All India Football Federation (AIFF).

But let’s go back to the problems. The Supreme Court’s stance was problematic due to many reasons.

For one, there’s great corruption happening in the country. Second, the decision overrides the independence of AIFF. And third, the third party influence is going to make the first two worse.

What did FIFA do?

How does the suspension affect India’s football association?

So, FIFA sent out a letter stating how disappointed they are. Then they took India’s rights to host the under-17 Women’s World Cup.

But they take it further. They said that FIFA has connections with the country’s Ministry of Youth Affairs. That should be enough. But they also added that they have the Sports Ministry too. 

So, FIFA is saying there’s no need for another committee. Indian football is going to grow without them.

What is India’s plan now?

There’s still no reply from the AIFF. But since they can’t move with the suspension, they have to.

FIFA is supportive of every football association there is. But it takes a hard stance against any violation they make.

Now that the u-17 Women’s World Cup and World Cup is coming, there’s more problems coming too.

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