Friday Jan 27, 2023

FC Goa Makes Their Best ISL Performance With Chennaiyin FC Win

FC Goa won their recent match against Chennaiyin FC with a spectacular 5-0. The Gaurs’ performance is lauded as one of their best yet in the Indian Super League, with the Indian soccer club beating the two-time champion in a 4-0 lead within the first half. Half of the goals scored came from Spanish forward Jorge Ortiz, and the second half secure gave him a hat-trick achievement. 

FC Goa’s Jose Ortiz Earns His First Hattrick This ISL Season

It seemed almost like a tragedy for Chennaiyin. Their loss was marked with such ease that it seemed like Goa was merely going for a practice run with their forwards. Within the sixth minute, Makan Chothe managed to take the lead with Aiban Dohling’s aid. Dohling assisted on the left flank, and Chothe received his perfect cross, sending the ball into Chennaiyin’s net. This makes Chothe’s first-ever goal in his stay in the ISL. In the duration of the first half, Dohling dominated the left flank, taking full advantage of the free areas left by Chennaiyin’s defence.

Jose Ortiz Earns His First Hattrick This ISL Season

Dohling again takes the spotlight within the 20th minute, sending an unobstructed pass to Chothe. The winger caught the ball, but his shot to the goal was blocked. This, however, became the opportunity Ortiz had been waiting for, and he caught the rebound and secured the second goal of the first half. Ortiz’s second strike came shortly after with Dohling’s ever-dependable assistance alongside Alberto Noguera in the midfield. Noguera made a remarkable pass, skirting past Chennaiyin’s defences and sending the ball to Ortiz. Despite Chennaiyin’s Anirudh Thapa’s attempts to block, Otiz struck the ball home.

The fourth goal of the first half was sent by Noguera, albeit with the help of a shaken Narayan Das who, in his attempt to deflect Noguera’s goal, ended up assisting him and sending the ball home in the process.

Nothing much changed in the second half. Goa maintained their lead, with Chennaiyin failing to seize any opportunity for a goal. The fifth final shot gave Ortiz his first-ever hat-trick in the ISL season, with assistance from Dohling. Dohling’s performance was invaluable in support of the Spaniard’s wins, as he sped through Chennaiyin’s defences to send the ball to Ortiz and seal in the game.

FC Goa’s win against Chennaiyin marks their first win from the last five games, with two losses and two draws to count. They still remain ninth in the ISL standing, and Chennaiyin on the eighth, but the match is hailed as one of their best, and they still remain in the race for the playoffs, however slim their chance is. 

Their next game is on 15 February against ISL champions ATK Mohun Bagan, and Chennaiyin will face Odisha on the 16th.

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