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Durand Cup 22: Why Do Durand Cup Winners Get 3 Trophies?

Durand Cup Winners 3 Trophies

It’s not only you. There are three trophies in the Durand Cup. And this year’s Cup is no exception. And yes, only one team wins the whole competition. But the organising committee puts three trophies out for the winner.

While it’s a bizarre tradition, no one cared. But this time with Bengaluru winning all three trophies in the pic, it gained attention. So, it looks like there’s more to see from the oldest football tournament in Asia. 

What is up with this tradition, and why is it the case for the Durand Cup? Should other Indian leagues follow? Let’s find out.

The Durand Cup

As mentioned, the Durand Cup is the oldest football competition in Asia. It started in 1888, which is quite an age today. 

It started as an invitational competition. Only the best Indian football teams get to play at the Durand Cup. But today, it serves as a pre-season for bigger leagues ISL and I-League. The invitational part also changed and it became for every Indian team.

To this day, East Bengal and ATK Mohun Bagan have the highest wins in the tournament. Goa and Mohammedan also have great records. But this year 2022, Bengaluru took the trophy. Or should we say trophies?

What’s up with the three trophies?

There are three trophies that the winner receives. You have the following:

The President’s Cup – This trophy is more patriotic to India. The first Indian president Dr. Rajendra Prasad gave this to the winner. And it was after India’s independence.

Durand Cup

The Shimla Cup – From 1888 to 1940, the Durand Cup took place in Shimla. So, the residents offered to give a trophy on behalf of the community. Soon after, the tournament moved to Delhi. But the past remains and so does this trophy. 

The Durand Cup – The is the original trophy for winning the competition. You can see it as the primary trophy which the two other trophies follow.

So, there you have it! Now you know why there are three trophies for the Durand Cup winner. Each trophy signifies some kind of glory. And this year, Bengaluru takes all three of them from the field!
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