Friday Jan 27, 2023

Bartholomew Ogbeche set to sign for Hyderabad FC

Just recently, Bartholomew Ogbeche signed to join the Hyderabad Football Club in the coming season. As one of the foreign top players and scorers in the whole Indian Super League (ISL), Ogbeche has always been adamant to seek new heights as he moves on from helping Mumbai City FC get their first ISL championship trophy, but also in the League Shield. 

Not only that but Bartholomew Ogbeche is also known to have been a player for the NorthEast United FC and Kerala Blasters FC before the Mumbai City FC. Having played centre-forward and attack-lead, everyone is looking forward to the next big steps that Ogbeche will be taking.

As someone who has played consistently, Ogbeche is expected to grow so well in Hyderabad FC’s care. In reverse, there are talks happening about how he will be championing the team since it’s a new call for adjustments and cultural undertakings once again. 

For the coming days and seasons in football, everyone is on the lookout for Ogbeche as he finally starts his time with the said football club. But before we delve too much into this detail, here are some things that you should know about Bartholomew Ogbeche–his history as a football player, as well as the expectations for his big move.

Who Bartholomew Ogbeche is

Bartholomew Ogbeche is considered a tall centre-forward. Ass someone who came from Nigeria, Ogbeche is lucky to have been able to pursue his goals to play in the field of soccer. But not only that, Ogbeche has been a staple name as well for improving a football club’s presence in major competitions. 

Known pretty much for his passing accuracy, Ogbeche is one consistent player as a whole, scoring more than eight goals in just three series he has played in. In total, he has given Kerala Blasters FC a total of 15 goals and NorthEast United FC a total of 12 goals. For Mumbai City FC, he’s given a total of eight goals with three assists, but that’s because he’s mostly a substitute there.

Now in FC Hyderabad, Ogbeche is on fire to furthering the reach of the team. He believes that the team has so much potential, which is why fans were already sprawling out about his signing of paper to go to Hyderabad FC, though the club still hasn’t made it official. There are truly a lot of things to look forward to, but there are also concerns regarding playing for another team again, which means Ogbeche making steps towards adjusting again.

But unsurprisingly enough, Manuel Marquez, the head coach for Hyderabad FC, has been making promises for a smooth transition for the team. The talks on how long Ogbeche will be able to play with a new team again, and if there will be problems rising as he goes to Hyderabad suddenly vanishes away. There are fears, but there is also a big hope since the team has been very accommodating to Ogbeche, and only looks forward to achieve the same desires that Ogbeche has for the team.

Hyderabad FC’s plan

Hyderabad is not a stranger to importing foreign players to boost their rank in major leagues such as the Indian Soccer League and such. In fact, Hyderabad is one of the teams that made a significant start in the ISL 2020 to 2021 season, getting two wins, three draws, and one loss. 

More than Goa FC and ATK FC making it to the playoffs every season, Hyderabad is getting the label of a dark horse in ISL. Though the challenges were not as rough as with other football clubs, they still caused a lot of impacts on the team. 

As the Hyd Team invests in younger and potential-filled players as seen in the results in the last season, Ogbeche will bring some senior and dominating giant experience to the whole team. Specifically for attack strength, Hyderabad is looking at a bright future once they officially acquire Ogbeche to be around the team.

To even talk about the performance of Hyderabad, it was mostly Aridane Santana who was scoring the goals for the team during the previous seasons. Ogbeche is expected to level up the people who can score the goal in the field, and have more top scorers coming from the team. They might have fallen by a few points to break to the playoffs, but it was only a beginning for the Hyderabad team, as well as what’s to come in the upcoming Indian Super League seasons.

Moreover, the head coach of Hyderabad FC, Manuel Marquez, is looking forward to having a progressive outlook on growth and winning. Though the team has been finally making it lately, even with the losses they still encounter, the head coach tells the team to take everything they face as an avenue for learning.


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