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Soccer Betting Terms and Their Meanings

Football is one of the most popular forms of sports betting, but it may be difficult for fans unfamiliar with soccer betting terms and their meanings. Yes, football is without a doubt the most straightforward sport on Earth. After all, what stands between you and victory is to have more kicks in the goal than your opponent.

Succinctly, if you only want to bet on a match-winner, that’s simple. But betting on football necessitates a more profound knowledge of the game. Understanding the basic terms on soccer bets is crucial for every gambler, whether new or seasoned. How can you bet intelligently if you don’t know what an ACCA is?

With these betting terms explained, you will be able to make an informed decision when placing bets on soccer matches. 

Learning about soccer betting terms


Accumulator (ACCA) Bet

Accumulator bets are single wagers combined with other wagers into a single bet. The Accumulator bet has four or more legs (choices) and needs all of them to win for you to win the overall wager. If even one of the legs wins, you will lose the entire bet.

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap betting term type aims to even out the odds by giving a virtual edge to the underdog team. These wagers are difficult for newcomers to understand, but once they grasp them, they’ll be intrigued by the possibilities for profit, such as eliminating the prospect of a draw conclusion.

The Asian handicap (also known as Hang Cheng) refers to spread betting in soccer. The elimination of a draw outcome boosts the chances of a punter making money considerably, thanks to the Asian handicap (also known as Hang Cheng). A win with an Asian handicap has only two outcomes: “home” or “away. The handicap is a fractional goal head start, and it may be increased in steps of ¼, i.e. ¼ goal, half-goal, ¾ goal, 1 goal, 1¼goal etc.


Banker Bets

Banker bets are wagers on hot favourites expected to return a profit. In system bets, the banker is a pick that must win to payout. These are generally placed on odds of 1.40 (2/5) or lower, and they can be placed as singles or part of an accumulator bet.


Closing Line

The betting line before a bookmaker sets the odds for an event, also known as the closing line, is referred to as the final line.

Combination Betting

Combination betting term combines several wagers into one to improve your chances. When utilizing features like Bet Builder, these bets are more straightforward to place. Different bookies have various names for them, such as Same Game Multi and Bet Builder. These bets may be made across one event or more or across different sports.


Double Chance Betting

When you back two possibilities in one wager, it is referred to as a Double Chance bet. Although these odds aren’t ideal, there’s a better chance of winning because of this type of bet.

Draw No Bet

In a “Draw No Bet” wager, you win if your team wins, and you get your money back if the game finishes in a draw. It’s a popular wager because the draw result has no bearing on your bet.


Each-Way Wagering

Punters place each-way bets on horse racing and outright football, although bookies allow it in outright football wagering. You bet on one team to win and another to place with the same amount of money (doubled stake). You get a much higher return if both events win, but you must make a bet even if one does.

Even Wager

An Even wager is a wager on even chances. 2.0 or 1/1 are two examples of even odds. It’s popular, and bookies give new customers incentives to make a qualifying bet on even money.


Fixed Odds Betting

Odds betting is the act of making bets on predetermined odds, which means you know exactly how much money you’ll make at the time of making a bet. Your potential returns will not alter regardless of how much the odds fluctuate after submitting your wager.

You need to wager at the odds displayed at any time, and as soon as the bookmaker accepts your bet, the odds on your bet can no longer be changed.

Full-Time Result (90 Minutes)

In the Full-Time Result market, the home team would win, the away team would win, or the game would be drawn. In this sort of bet, overtime and penalties don’t apply. Only the score at halftime is considered.


Half Time/Full-Time Betting

In full-time betting, you pick both the ending result after halftime and the conclusion result after the whole game. Both of your predictions must be correct for you to win your bet.

Head-to-Head Betting

In this type of betting, you predict the team or player’s overall performance rather than the game’s result. It will generally ask you to choose whether one player will have a better game (in terms of goals, assists, or saves) than another.


InPlay Betting

Live match betting is a form of in-play betting in which you may bet on the outcome of parts of a game while it is still “in play.”



The sum that a bookmaker receives for each losing wager is the “juice.” The term “vig” or “take” refers to this fee.



The martingale strategy is based on investors upping their bet when they lose it. The logic is that eventually, a bet will pay off, and the money lost will be recouped in addition to profits.


Novelty Betting

As the name implies, novelty betting is not your typical sort of wagering, and it entails predicting the outcomes of events that have little or nothing to do with sports. Most online bookies nowadays provide a wide range of unusual bets, and contrary to popular belief, these have paid out handsomely in the past.


Off the Board

Even if a game is removed from the board, it may no longer be wagered on because it was initially offered. When bookmakers determine that a game’s outcome has been predetermined, they remove the game from the board to avoid losing any more money on that particular encounter.

Outright Bet

On some bookmaker sites, this form of betting is known as “Futures.” You bet on the outcome of a tournament or competition rather than the result of a single game. Because you must wait until the conclusion of the game, these bets tend to settle slower.

Over/Under Wagering

Over/under bets allow you to bet on the total number of goals in a match, as well as other types of numerical statistics. You wager whether the game will finish with an excess or deficit of the amount shown on the bet.


Scorecast Betting

A Scorecast wager is a combination bet that involves predicting the correct match score. To win your wager, both conditions must be met.

Single Wager

The most frequent and basic form of wager is a single bet. You only have to predict one thing accurately to win, so winning an ACCA is less difficult.

Spread Betting

When you make a spread bet, you’re betting on the bookmaker’s spread rather than the game’s outcome. This is called overlay betting since it involves an additional wager placed on top of an existing one. For example, a team will win or lose by a specific number of points.


Team to Go Through

Instead of predicting which team would win a match in betting, you wager on whether a certain team will go farther in the competition. This betting is most often used for national or continental competitions, such as the World Cup.


Teasers are similar to Accumulators (Parlays). In them, you combine the events in two different matches, and you can adjust the point spreads, but all of your selections need to win so you can win the whole wager at the end.

Three-Way Handicap

The term “three-way handicap” refers to a European Handicap. In this sort of wager, one team has a handicap, and you bet depending on that handicap. You can wager for the side to win, lose, or tie.


Void Bet

There are a variety of reasons why Void bets exist. For example, if the match is called off owing to weather or any other reason, your bets will be void, which means your stake will be returned to you and it will appear as if you never placed the wager in the first place. When there are mistakes regarding odds with the bookmaker


Wincast Betting

The Wincast betting system is comparable to Scorecast betting. The primary distinction is that instead of predicting the precise score, you must predict the outcome of the game after selecting a last, first, or anytime goalscorer. Knowing these soccer betting terms will help make your venture into sports betting more educated and profitable over the long haul.

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