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Soccer Betting Strategy & Formula that Guarantees a Win

Soccer betting strategy

Are you tired of betting the same old way? Do you want to win more money when betting on soccer matches? Then this blog post is for you. We will talk about the best soccer betting strategy, winning soccer betting strategy, and how to bet on soccer games to increase your chances of winning.

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Requirements for Learning Soccer Betting Strategy

We ​believe each bettor needs to have five things to become more profitable indeed.

  • Time: to research and learn new strategies
  • Discipline: to follow a strategy, whether it’s winning or losing
  • Patience: allow your bets to stay before cashing out
  • Money Management: betting size is about the confidence you have in the bet
  • Knowledge: about the sport, the teams, and their players


To improve your betting skills, you have to be willing to put in the necessary time. This statement is true for both seasoned and recreational soccer bettors. The more determined you are to make a profit, the more time you’ll have to set aside. You’re in touch with things as a get-rich-quick scheme in this industry. If you’re not willing to put in the time, you should find another hobby. Time is vital for two reasons. 

First, you need to do your homework. You have to find the betting strategy that will work for you and test it out. Second, to apply any winning betting strategies or formulas, you will need some experience; otherwise, they won’t be of much help. If time is not on your side, it becomes harder to succeed.


You have to remain disciplined for your winning formula that works best for you to work. What does this mean? Well, let’s say your betting strategy tells you not to bet on a particular game because the stats are against it, but you go ahead and bet on its game anyway because it’s your favourite team. If the strategies were right then, you would have lost money, even though the betting strategy that’s you not to do so. That’s why discipline is critical for the betting strategies or winning formulas to work best for you.


One of the best soccer betting strategies is to let your bets marinate. Let’s say you have a good feeling about one particular game, but it doesn’t seem like there are many other bets on this game. You know that if you bet early since more people will start betting on the game as it gets closer to kickoff. This is where patience comes into play; you don’t want to miss out on a potential winning bet just because you didn’t wait long enough.

Money Management

One of the most important aspects of gambling in general, not just soccer betting, is money management. You have to carefully decide how much you want to bet and only do so if it’s within your budget. Let’s explain with an example: let’s say that the best strategy for you says not to place a $100 bet on one particular game, but instead of taking this advice, you go ahead and put down $200 because you’re feeling confident. If you lose, then not only have you lost the initial $200, but you’ve also doubled up on your losses. Money management is critical if you want to make money gambling in soccer and any other sport for that matter.

Sometimes, bettors don’t think about how much they’re betting, and this can lead to some serious financial problems down the road. This is why we cannot stress enough how vital money management is if you want to be successful when betting on soccer or any other sport for that matter.


We’ve stated how our soccer betting strategy guide is easy to understand. This is true, but having some background knowledge does help. If you’re new to soccer betting, you should gain some experience first before relying on any betting strategy or winning formulas. If you try to apply them without knowing anything about the game, then there is a good chance they won’t work for you; after all, what works best for someone else may not necessarily work best for you.

Basic & Simple Betting Strategy

Let’s talk about some specific strategies you can use when betting on soccer. The best strategy and winning formulas work best for beginners, intermediate and advanced bettors.

There are many different strategies and formulas that can be used when betting on soccer. It’s best to try out a few different ones to see which one best suits your needs, but the most important thing is that you know each strategy or winning formula before using them!

1. Betting on the Draw: This is one of the best strategy or formulas used by many bettors worldwide. What you do here is place your money on both teams to score (over/under) instead of just one. This soccer betting strategy works best when the game is a tie, and both teams are attacking to score.

2. Betting on Both Teams to Score: Just like we mentioned above, this best soccer betting strategy or winning formula states that instead of betting on only one team, you should bet on both. After all, there’s a higher chance that your best soccer betting strategy or winning formula will be successful.

3. Bet on the Total Goals: This betting strategy or winning formula is very similar to our last one, but instead of predicting whether both teams are going to score, you predict how many goals there will be in total in the game. For example, if you think over three goals scored, you would bet on this.

4. Betting on the First Goal: This betting strategy or winning formula is precise as what it sounds like; you predict which team will score the game’s first goal.

5. Betting Against the Public: This betting strategy doesn’t require any knowledge, and it’s one of the most straightforward to follow. What you do here is a bet on the team that most people do not favour.

6. Finding Value: This strategy or winning formula goes hand in hand with our last one, and it simply means that you need to find good value bets. To find value best strategy or winning formulas, all the risk you need to place your bets on teams that are not favoured by the majority of bettors.

7. Lay Off: This is very similar to our last two, but in this one, you don’t make any real money wagers; instead, you lay off (or hedge) your bets.

Many best betting strategies and winning formulas can be used when betting on a beautiful game. It’s best to try out a few different ones to find which one best suits you, but remember that knowledge is vital! Be sure to read our guide if you want to learn more about the best soccer betting strategies and formulas!

5 Proven Strategies To Double Your Winning Chances

Betting on soccer can be a rewarding way to have fun and exploit your soccer knowledge, but going into it without a strategy is the easiest way to lose your cash. In this best soccer betting strategy guide, we’ll teach you all about the best betting strategies and winning formulas.

Many strategies can be used when placing bets on the beautiful soccer game, but it’s essential to know using them!

1.   Football accumulator offers – Football accumulators is a prevalent choice among bettors worldwide. All you have to do here is place a wager on multiple games and hope that all of them are successful, which can lead to winning more significant amounts than what your initial investment was!

2.  Football price boosts – If the betting strategies and winning formulas aren’t your things, you should give price boosts a try. It’s possible to profit from this strategy if you know how to use it correctly!

3.  Football best odds guarantees – This strategy promises that you’ll win more money by placing bets on teams that have the best odds of winning.

4.  Live betting – Live betting, or in-play betting, is a great strategy for those who want to make quick profits because it allows you to bet on games as they’re happening! This can be a bit riskier, but it can lead to big wins if done correctly!

5.  Football Matched Betting – This is the best way to bet on soccer if you’re looking for consistency. These best strategies and winning formulas allow you to grow your bankroll by placing bets that are guaranteed winnings without any risk involved!

3 Betting Formulas You Must Learn With

1. Lower Risk Football Bet: Lay Bet System –  Lay Bet System is best for those who want to lower their risk when placing bets on the beautiful game. The lay bet system asks that you place a wager on the team you think will lose, and it’s one of the most straightforward best strategy to follow. It is not dependent on luck or based on superstitious beliefs. The perfect football betting system does not exist, but you will get more wins than losses by following this system. 

The best way to place a lay bet is by using the exchange betting platforms. This strategy guide will use Betfair as an example, but other exchanges should work similarly.

2.  Winning Formula of Online Football Betting – The traditional bet is called the “back” bet, where you will only win when the team you bet on wins. The best betting strategy and winning formulas will tell you that the best bet is to back a team. When bettors lay a bet through a betting exchange, they usually back a selection. 

On the other hand, this strategy tell us that laying is an effective soccer betting strategy to use when placing bets on exchanges as well!

3.  Live Bet Monitoring – Live bet monitoring is a secret sports betting technique where bets are made only after a football match. This is perfect for those who want to make quick profits because it allows you to bet on games as they’re happening! This can be a bit riskier, but it can lead to big wins if done correctly!

Football gambling happens when you blindly make bets and hope to win by luck. Your chances to win is much lower compared to losing. This is because casinos and bookmarkers always have the upper hand as they are privileged with better odds. The only option is to bet smartly and follow an effective football betting strategy to turn this status around.In conclusion, the best soccer betting strategies and winning formulas are best for those who want to make money by placing bets on the beautiful game! Let’s head over to J9 to find out more!

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