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Betting for Beginners

Soccer Betting for Beginners

Soccer (also known as football) is the most popular sport worldwide. More than 200 million players from 200 different countries play and love this sport. We already know how people go crazy whenever the World Cup Series occurs. Soccer fans will even dare to spend a lot and travel to the host country simply to see the games.

Simplicity is one of the biggest reasons why this sport is so popular. As long as you have a ball to play with, you are good to go. If you check out the tiny streets of Brazil and Spain, you will see a lot of kids playing soccer without an actual soccer field as long as they get the fun out of it.

Aside from being a popular sport, soccer is also known as a betting game for many fans. Most die-hard fans are so passionate about their teams that they are willing to gamble money for them. This fanaticism is quite common in many sports and not just soccer. However, what makes soccer betting more exciting is that there are a lot of opportunities to bet on with soccer and not just the game scores. If you are interested in soccer betting, this article is perfect for you as we guide you along on a simple betting guide for beginners at soccer betting.

Overview of Soccer Betting

Multiple soccer games are happening all around the world every day, be it on a professional or amateur level. All of these games are potential avenues for betting. In fact, there are some betting sites online that include high school soccer games and exhibition matches as betting options. As long as the scores and statistics are there, betting is possible.

Online transaction from betting

Before we dig deeper into soccer betting for beginners online, let us first give an overview of the sport. Soccer is a simple ball game played by two teams composed of eleven players. The player cannot touch the ball by using their hands or arms, but instead use their feet or head to score a goal. Only the goalie or goalkeeper can touch the ball with any part of the body to defend the goal. A regular soccer match consists of two halves that are 45 minutes long, with a 15 or 20-minute break scheduled at halftime.

Soccer games are typically low-scoring, mainly due to the difficulty of scoring a goal. In fact, some games can end in a tie or a draw. But this does not mean there are far fewer methods to place bets on a soccer game. Soccer betting is not only limited to betting between the winning or losing team, but you can also bet for a tied game at the end of regulation, and there can even be a higher pot at stake this way. In the online soccer betting world, this traditional method is commonly referred to as the win-draw-win market. There are three selections available, and in some betting sites, the draw option has a bigger prize compared to the win selections.

Analyzing the Odds

Online betting for beginners can be daunting because of the different numbers shown on the betting site or plus/minus digits on each team’s side. If you are still new to online betting, you will indeed get confused by all the numbers right in front of you. Plus, not to mention the betting methods, possible winnings, and other aspects of soccer online betting.

In sports online betting, there are always odds added to keep things fair and unpredictable, and this definitely applies to soccer betting. For example, when a very good soccer team faces an opponent at the bottom of the standings, the odds favour the inferior team. Your bet could exponentially win thrice or even four times as much. If you bet on the team that is more likely to win, the winning prize will be lower and is sometimes less than your bet. Sometimes a $100 bet can only win $50 if you bet on the superior team. These odds add thrill and excitement to online betting, making things more unpredictable.

However, the situation mentioned above is only an example, and there can be different forms of odds given by online betting sites for soccer games. You’ll get yourself more acquainted once you start placing bets and encounter the different types of advantages/disadvantages placed on each team. It would be a big plus if you personally watch or subscribe to the actual games to understand better how these odds work and fully understand the deals. Now you have an idea of the odds/favours of online soccer betting, let us look at other ways to bet on soccer games.

Different Wagers for Online Soccer Betting

1. Double Chance

A double chance is the most basic and arguably safest option for online soccer betting. As the name suggests, your money doubles once your picks are correct. There will be variations of the game endings available for you to bet on, and you are allowed to choose any of the given variations. Your wager is successful if your pick wins and the money is automatically doubled.

2. Draw No Bet

This form of wager is another play-it-safe option for soccer betting for beginners online. You only have two selections to choose from, which is either team. You can only bet on either of the teams to win, and you cannot select a draw. What makes this wager option advantageous is that you are able to get your money back once the game ends in a tie or draw.

3. Handicap/Asian Handicap

This is the first advanced wager option in our soccer betting guide for beginners. The handicap to bettings makes things a bit more complicated that it would require the bettor to analyze their choices instead of simply relying on pure luck. We have already discussed odds analysis earlier, and the handicap/Asian handicap is no different from it.

As mentioned earlier, some teams are far superior compared to other teams, so a handicap is placed on or against them to keep things interesting. Some teams are rewarded extra goals to their final score, while some have deducted goals depending on the call of the online betting site. Most of the time, these handicaps are uniform in all online betting sites, and if there are any differences, the difference could be very minimal.

The Asian handicap is the complex form of the handicap wager option, and I guess we will not dig deeper into it to keep this article true to its purpose: a simple guide on soccer betting for beginners online.

4. Correct Score

The correct score wager is simply betting on the possible final score of the soccer game. This form of wager is a tough call and highly unpredictable given the nature of the game and the potential surprises during a 90-minute ball game. However, possible winnings from this type of wager are greater than regular bettings, and you can expect your money to grow exponentially if you win on this wager.

5. Halftime Results

This is a unique form of wager wherein all the other betting options mentioned above can apply, but the only difference is that the halftime score is used as the basis for the results instead of the final score. The 2nd half scores of the game can also be used as another set of results for different bettings given by the betting site. This wager option provides additional wagers and betting categories and is a popular target for straight-up gamblers instead of sports enthusiasts or soccer fans.

6. First & Last Goal Scorer

This wager is a straight-up soccer betting wager wherein you bet on a player who is most likely to end up as the first goal scorer or the last goal scorer. This tough wager is challenging to win given the game’s nature, but the rewards of winning this wager are surprisingly great compared to other options. It is also an excellent wager option for die-hard fans of particular soccer players.

7. Total Goals (Over/Under)

This wager is another popular one as it is easy to win this type of betting game. The online betting site sets a specific score for a certain game, and you simply predict whether the final score is above or below the specific score. Once your prediction is correct, then you automatically win. If the score is the same as the specific score set, then all bettors get their money back as a common rule for most online betting sites.
There are many more wager options available in soccer, but the few mentioned above are the most common and basic choices in soccer betting for beginners online. We hope this simple betting guide for beginners has helped you. Still, it is advisable to experience the game firsthand to enjoy and fully understand the things this article has mentioned. Once you can enjoy the basics of online soccer betting, it will be easier for you to transition into the more complex aspects of soccer betting and make the most out of your online gambling experience.

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