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Durand Cup 2022: The David Mohammedan SC Faces Goliath Mumbai FC

Durand Cup - David Mohammedan SC vs Mumbai FC

Mohammedan Sporting Club will face giant Mumbai Football Club in the semifinals. It’s going to be exciting and there’s a good outlook on the bets. This is because while Mohammedan is smaller, Mumbai sees it as a worthy opponent. 

And now that Mohun Bagan and East Bengal made their exit, all hopes are on Mohammedan. The team’s coach, Marcus Joseph, is confident to give Mumbai a good game. He says that while Mumbai is strong, the team prepared for it. They played their style in football and beat other teams. Mumbai won’t be different from the rest.

How will this turn out? What are the odds? Let’s find out here!

What Mumbai FC has to say

Mumbai FC is the goliath in this matchup. But they mention that the opposing team has great potential. In fact, Mohammedan has been a strong player in the Durand Cup.

They mention the Nigerian forward Abiola Dauda to bring excitement to the game. Dauda is no joke, though. He put Kerala Blasters in the quarterfinals of the cup.

Durand Cup 2022 - The David Mohammedan SC

But another thing that Mumbai FC likes is Mohammedan’s defense. It seems that the team Mumbai would have to break. 

What is the Durand Cup and how prestigious is it?

The Durand Cup is a prestigious inter-country football competition in India. In fact, it’s the oldest football tournament in Asia. It started in 1888 and is still providing good competition to Indian teams.

It used to run on an invitational for Indian teams to compete before. But starting this year, it opened the cup to all Indian teams who wanted to join. And it became a season starter for Indian football.

It doesn’t come close to the Indian Super League or the I-League, but is still worth looking after. You can see how the summer transfers made sense for the team.

What are the odds?

It looks like Mumbai will have the better edge in this tournament. But even David was able to defeat Goliath with what it had. There’s a new coach and a new strategy for Mohammedan. So that’s still something to look forward to.
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